Quarterback Sneak by Bianca Dean | Review



What happens when a chance encounter thrusts two very different people from very different backgrounds together?

The school is going crazy with Celt Fever, and Alceo Russell is right in the middle of it. He’s on his way to leading his Division I football team to a national title, but something is missing, and to keep his head in the game, he needs to find it.

Shy and timid Galynn Pierce is just trying to survive college. Always in the background and always unnoticed Galynn can’t fathom how her life is about to change.

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This review will be short for two reasons: a) I read this a long time ago, so I don’t remember much, b) the little I do remember was not pleasant.

Alceo is a college jock, “built like a division 1 player” (that’s literally a quote from the book), but he’s tired of constant partying and the revolving door of girls.

Galynn is plus-sized, and insecure with her weight and looks and college hasn’t been kind to her.

Alceo sees Galynn and is immediately drawn to her *warning bells* and he knows it’s serious because he’s not usually attracted to black girls…………

“Usually, he wasn’t attracted to black girls. He wasn’t adverse to them; he just had never found anyone that had roused his interests. That’s not to say he hadn’t had sex with a black girl before – hell, he’d had sex with everyone he could get his hands on his freshman year. But for some reason, he could feel himself being pulled to Galynn.”


I’ve gotten the comment, “You’re pretty for a black girl,” before, and to me this is even more offensive. Let’s just move on.


Galynn has secretly harbored feelings for Alceo (totally looks driven) her entire college term, but thinks a guy like him would never like a bumpkin like her.

After helping her home after a completely convenient accident, they head back to his dorm room (where no other girl has ever been of course) where somehow they have sex

Following the encounter, Alceo cannot stop thinking about Galynn, and tries to convince her they should try hanging out. After many failed attempts, Alceo convices her to let him tutor her in her biochemistry class (haha, let’s get real).

They have a lot of dramatic, explicit, contortionist sex.

Deciding to date, they begin with Gaylnn’s ever evolving insecurities, especially since  EVERYONE wants to see them break up because she’s fat… since mixed-weight couples don’t exist at this college

So, a bunch of stupid stuff happens until his ex-girlfriend convinces the heroine that he’s ashamed of her and that he cheated. She whines a lot, then uses this as an excuse to run home to daddy who tells her she shouldn’t have dated an athlete. That is until  he apologizes on national tv (the boyfriend not the dad) and she forgives him.

Later on, at another game, he proposes, she says yes and they live happily ever after.


Fionn (Irish Sugar) by Marteeka Karland | Review


★ ★ ★

Ice fills my soul. Nothing matters to me but my brothers. I’d kill for them. Every death chips away at the hint of humanity still clinging to me. And when the day comes to pay for my misdeeds….I don’t think about that… Until then I will bask in my transgressions allowing the passion of my chaos to keep me warm. I’m the thing you fear when darkness surrounds you. If you’re in my crosshairs, you’re as good as dead. My name is Fionn O’Shea. Death is all that matters…


She alone fills the gaps in my soul, returns my humanity. By protecting her, perhaps some part of me will be redeemable when I must answer for my sins. She brings order to my chaos, keeps me warm when the ice threatens to overtake me. If you threaten her, you’ll pray for the monsters in the dark to take you. But they won’t. I’ll bring your pain. I’ll bring your suffering. I’ll live for nothing else…

[Source: Goodreads]

When it comes to kidnapped sex I’m not a lover of it. Anytime a person possesses/enforces some type of dominance over you in an unbalanced way I don’t take kindly to that. In Fionn (Irish Sugar), it was better than some of the previous novels I’ve read, however I still didn’t like it.

Fionn is basically a living Grim Reaper; Ice flows through his veins and it doesn’t as though it’ll ever defrost. He’s an enforcer. He’s dangerous. That is until he kidnaps LeeAnn, who’s a rather innocent, smart girl caught between two webs of injustice.

While holding her captive Fionn realizes he’s the one being held captive, as his heart begins to melt. LeeAnn also starts to feel for him and soon their love blazes through the pages.

The biggest issue I had with this book was the page length.

When writing a story where you’re dealing with a subject, such as kidnapping, it needs to be fully developed – not to mention when you have douchy male lead that we need time to warm up. There’s also abducted sex waaaaay too soon. No matter how I looked at it, I just couldn’t get around how quickly everything happened, however this is an effect of the book being too short.

I did enjoy what Markeeta Karland attempted to accomplish, but it fell short for me.

His Pretend Baby: 50 Loving States, Oregon (50 Loving States #16) by Theodora Taylor | Review


★ ★

Are you ready for an alternative alpha like Go Gutierrez???

So I was pretty sure my dead ex-boyfriend’s brother hated me…until he asked me to marry him.

And pretend his brother’s baby—which I’m carrying, BTW—is really his.

So now I’m suddenly the wife of a quirky tech billionaire, and falling in like with him so fast, it’s beginning to feel an awful lot like love. But we both have issues, and there are shadows creeping around the edges of our fledgling relationship. Can two people as different as we are make a pretend relationship real?

Find out if the Freak and the Geek can find their way to a happy ending in this unique standalone interracial romance. Perfect for those who prefer their heroines off-beat and their alphas super geeky. One-click now to discover why real heroes wear glasses!

[Source: Goodreads]

Rodrigo (aka Go) and Nyla

Fun Fact: This book  features some diversity! Nyla is black and Rodirigo (aka Go) is Latino.

Nyla’s pregnant with her dead, ex-boyfriend’s baby.

(Have I mentioned that I ❤ New Girl, especially Coach?!)

Go’s the brother of said brother and he decides to claim the baby as his own in order to spare his family the heartache (?) of knowing that he cheated with Nyla.

I didn’t get this book.

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Something Unexpected by Tressie Lockwood | Review


A one night stand in a limo with her boss’s son had consequences Zacari didn’t count on. But when she had been trying to get over finding her cheating ex-boyfriend in bed with her best friend, Keary seemed to be just what she needed to exercise her demons and satisfy a sexual void she never knew she had. Keary O’Connor didn’t care what Zacari’s motives were the night she wouldn’t take no for an answer. What red-blooded man could turn down a seductress with smooth tawny-colored skin and a body he couldn’t get out of his head? He had to have her, and he wanted her again. His only problem now was in convincing her that he would not be like her ex, and what he wanted went beyond the physical and would last a lifetime.

*Disclaimer: This review will be different from non-erotic novels.*

I actually read this because the movie (which was horrible, BTW), and I was disappointed. I know this is an erotic novel, and I know I’m not the biggest fan of erotica, but this was just bad. There was a lot of sex and zero plot (nil)! The two leads (I totally forgot their names and I’m to lazy to look so….general titles will have to suffice), literally, never talk.

Our heroine, after finding her man in bed with her best friend, decides to get drunk and sleep with her boss’s son once he offers her a ride home. This would be the point where I say, “Hot damn, chivalry ain’t dead!” but, sadly, I cannot. Here’s my problem with our male lead:

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Bad Boy’s Baby by Sosie Frost

280923063.5 stars

★ ★ ★ ★

Star professional quarterback Jack Carson has the worst reputation in the league. He’s arrogant and gorgeous, and if he’s not in bed with a new woman, he’s sleeping off the party in a jail cell.

But now he’s gotten in trouble too many times and needs my help to protect his career. As his publicist, I’ve hidden his dirty exploits and silenced the sexy rumors…but I missed the hottest scandal of the year. Apparently, Jack and I are dating.

When the manwhore lies to the league and claims we’re in a committed relationship, he jeopardizes both our jobs. I can’t trust the tattooed bad boy, but now I’m stuck defending him. I have to make him seem respectable—no matter what.

But his shameful reputation isn’t fixed with a few photos of us on a date. With the league determined to expel him for bad-behavior, Jack has only one option to convince them he’s wholesome, dependable, and responsible.

Jack Carson wants to start a family.

And he’s chosen me to give him the baby.

*Warning: This review will not be like my others, since this is a New Adult novel, I will have adultish comments about it. For once I’m acting my age :d*

Let’s just get this out the way first: Horrible title and terrible blurb.

Now that that’s over, shall we begin?

There was a substantial amount of people who couldn’t even bare the sample, yet along reading the book to completion – I rather enjoyed it. Since I read a fair amount of New Adult novels I switched off my YA mode and switched on my NA mode – this is required – before reading this book. NA novels tend to have seriously cocky and egotistical hero’s that make you want to cut your eyes out from their constant noise of self-praise, and Jack Carson was no different. He’s an egotistical asshole. It’s irrefutable. He parties hard, thinks he’s God’s gift to women, and is a serious manwhore.

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ARC Review: Angelfall (The Angelborn Cycle #2) by L. Penelope


3 out of 5 stars
★ ★ ★

Lyrix, the first new angel to emerge in a millennium, brings hope for her endangered race. But the weight of duty is heavy. As the newest and strongest, she is expected to become a Seraph, one of the stoic angel kings and queens. She dreads the prospect of losing all her emotions in the transformation, but avoiding her destiny may lead to extinction for her kind.

Wren is half-human and a second-class citizen among angels. A chance meeting with Lyrix leaves them both yearning for a life lived on their own terms. A relationship between an angel and an angelborn is unprecedented, and powerful forces oppose their union. On a journey to the human world, tragedy strikes, and Wren and Lyrix realize their love may destroy both worlds.

The Good:

The novel begins very intense. Our female lead, Lyrix, is about to give birth while her lover, Wren, is being vaporized by an angel. After this we’re taken back to the beginning to witness their relationship develop and how they arrived in their current predicament. We’re then transported to a whole new world where the angels live. It’s an interesting world, full of rules and lacking passion because these angels don’t feel anything except loathing for half-breed angels (half angel, half human). The angels don’t have any physical features and they communicate their feelings with colors, however the two main characters are Asian.

Wren, works in a specific division that deals with the lives people live before they pass away and are reborn. I found this very interesting. The idea that each life we live is viewed and cataloged by angels is different, just like the idea Ms. Penelope has about the purpose of the angel and how humans and people are linked in this quote:

It is how the Destinies learn who needs their counsel, how the Deaths know who is to die. How the Peaces know who to soothe and the Warriors know who to inflame. Each human soul needs something different in order to grow. The stream of aether connects us to them and connects our actions to their souls, which we protect and honor until they are ready to join the Flame.

The idea that angels and the half-angels are soulless and need to find a human to share their souls in order to not be banished to the wastelands, aka Hell. It’s intriguing, especially since angels don’t have souls in the biblical sense either, however these angels aren’t the same as angels described in the bible. But I enjoyed this quote because it reminded me of the movie Comet with Justin Long:

Humans who fall in love deeply enough to link their souls together find one another again and again throughout their lifetimes

I’m a big fan of forbidden love, so Wren and Lyrix being in a relationship deemed unacceptable made me very excited. There was also another component to this story, but I can’t tell without giving it away!

The Bad:

There wasn’t much to seriously complain about in this novel, but I did have some serious issues with a couple of things. My first issue began with Lyrix. She’s supposed to be a full angel, yet she’s overly emotional and curious – two things these angels aren’t. Normally I wouldn’t have a problem with this, however it’s supposed to be impossible. Regardless of this, my real problem lies in the the fact that Wren knew some seriously sexual stuff to have never had any previous knowledge on Earth or with sex. Being half-human doesn’t mean that stuff comes naturally. Which also brings me to Lyrix and Wren perving on a “couple”. This is really uncool, angels or not. This isn’t angelic behavior; it’s not even regular behavior, it’s just weird and creepy. My last issue would be that I felt disconnected with everything on a certain level. I know this book is a standalone, but there is another book before it, and reading that first might’ve been a good idea.

The Ugly:

Page length is the curse many novels are plagued with. If a novel is too long without a purpose, it becomes boring. If it’s too short and feels rushed, we’re left unsatisfied. This particular novel was way too short! We’re placed into the world of Angels rather smoothly, however once we’re  formerly introduced to Lyrix everything just escalates so quickly. I found myself swiping back (it’s an ebook) to see if I missed something. Sadly, the length of this novel left a lot to be desired and learned about the engrossing world that the angels are in.

Source: I received this novel from the author in exchange for an honest review


On The Edge of Love (Mama’s Brood # 1) by Shay Rucker


4.5 starts out of 5

★ ★ ★ ★ ★/★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Zeus is a knife wielding, crazy member of Mama’s Brood, who is hell bent on always getting what he wants and in this instance he want’s Sabrina. She’s an independent badass, who isn’t exactly a newbie when is comes to danger, so she’s not going to just jump into hiding for the sociopath trying to kidnap her, or the sexy god-named man intent on having her.

Fun Fact: I was originally only going to put Sabrina in the collage because I didn’t want to taint his magnificent character description. It’s usually not difficult to find models, actors, or just regular people online to fit the description of a character but Zeus was extremely difficult until I remember the television series ‘Spartacus’. Jai Courtney fit the description beautifully, and he’s GORGEOUS! 


My reaction:



  • Zeus – Oh. My. God. When I first read the summary for this novel, I was more than a bit skeptical, to be more specific my reaction was, “Great! Another jackass, wannabe badass, ‘hero’ that’s shitty to the heroine who just takes it.” However, despite my doubts I continued (based off the great reviews by trusted Goodreads reviewers) and I’m extremely happy I did. Don’t get me wrong he’s arrogant, possessive, antisocial, and deadly but somehow that’s what makes him so damn appealing. Zeus has to be on my top 3 for ‘Badass Boyfriend” list, and this is for good reason. He’s humorous without trying to be and makes you hate and love him all the same. That being said, there were some WTF moments where I questioned his sanity beyond his average crazy.
  • Sabrina – Yeah, she’s the perfect heroine. She’s a serious badass (that I wish could’ve showcased her skills) with a no-nonsense attitude and isn’t the helpless mistress with insecurities or the need to be comforted by our hero. No, Sabrina was her own hero in many ways and as the novel progressed you’ll just love her feisty character, I know she one of my favorite female characters.
  • Plot – This was an awesome plot – especially for the IR genre, which tends to follow the same formula – that’ll keep you intrigued the entire time. Although not a real mystery novel it is filled with action (I mean how often does a novel begin with a guy disemboweling people?), humor, and an alluring romance. With the kidnapping of Sabrina we get into the head of a sociopath and meet Mama’s Brood
  • Safety – I hate when authors don’t allow their characters to use condoms, although this is an issue that some might not care about, it’s bothersome for me. So, the fact that this author took the time to mention it was awesome for me.
  • Mama’s Brood – The characters in Mama’s Brood were excellent and not overpowering as some groups or organization themed series are. They’re all funny and fun and I can’t wait to explore their brood further.


  • Information – The only negative to this novel is that I wanted more! An increase in information would have been amazing. Like more detail into Zeus’ childhood as well as Sabrina’s. It was good without it, however a couple of flashbacks would have been amazballs. I would say there’s a chance for that in the second novel in the series, however the next book will probably be about some of the other characters in Mama’s Brood.


Overall, this novel surpassed my expectations and ended up being amazing. If you want an intriguing story with badass characters that aren’t self-absorbed or have a large amount of insecurities and stupid conflicts that amount to nothing, then On the Edge of Love is the novel for you. So, feel free to purchase it below:



Someone To Watch Over Me by Sienna Mynx


4 out of 5 stars

★ ★ ★ ★/★ ★ ★ ★ ★

The enemy of my enemy is a lover of mine…
Sometimes a girl’s savior could be the man no one dare trusts…

KaeCee Everett is a wanted woman. The leader of the Black Spyder motorcycle gang wants her dead. The federal agents sworn to protect her have cut her loose. The Russian mafia has a vested interest in the secrets she protects. And the father she had hoped would love and shield her from the violence of his legacy now sits in prison and plots his revenge. On the run for her life she arrives in Los Angeles with only one hope of surviving the chase. However, one of the fiercest enforcers turned private investigator has her under the scope of his lens. Will he help her avenge her brother’s death and escape the contract on her head? Or will his dark obsession with her be their ultimate demise?

Disclaimer: Someone To Watch Over Me is a fully developed novella based off of the short story “Private Dick and the Red Shoes,” in the Scarlet Diaries anthology by T.A. Ford.

Warning: This novel deals with mature, sensitive subject matters like, rape and extreme violence.


My reaction:


What can I say about this novel that my reaction above doesn’t capture? Well, the story was great because instead of two innocents, or one innocent and another a outlaw, we find ourselves in the minds of two criminals  aspiring to be more. They go through rough patches where they kill, fight, and barter for their lives, although they’re both reformed. There’s actually a lot of action in this novel, with fight scenes and gun scenes which gave this novel a bit of thrill to it, but the main attraction and highlights of this novel existed in the characters.

Each character was thought out to make an impact. Brick is this amazing guy. He’s not the typical hero because he’s not the most handsome man, he lacks charming words, he’s not the smartest guy, and he’s not a good guy; but he’s the only guy for our heroine. Brick didn’t woo KaeCee with words or promises, but with his actions and willingness to protect her at all cost. He’s the ultimate protector – this actually explains his position in the Russian Mafia – which our heroine needed since her brother’s death, Someone to Watch Over Her. Without him there she suffered the agony of knowing who was responsible and having no one to care, until Brick.

KaeCee was the character I had to warm-up to. I didn’t like her at first because she just seemed cocky and bitchy, but once you realize everything she’s been through and really get to the root of her character you’ll love her. She’s you every time you build walls around yourself or exude a false sense of security and esteem to people because the real you is so painful and broken it hurts to let someone else witness it. Don’t get me wrong, there were plenty of times KaeCee didn’t seem to understand that her life was in danger although she kept reminding Brick. She was her strongest and her weakest when she’s with Brick, which is the exact balance that she needed.

We don’t get much Russian mafia action, although it is grazed upon, similar to the Black Sypder MC. Neither one is really important in the novel besides the necessary actions both sides took. We also don’t get a quality bad guy. He’s mediocre at best, but he provided enough of a threat to bring the couple together. And It might not be apparent but this is a revenge plot for KaeCee because the MC just did one too many horrendous things in her life. When you read it you’ll understand…so read it!


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Steel Infidels Series (Volume 1 & 2 Steel Infidels Biker MC Romance) by Dez Burke


2.5 out of 5 stars

★ ★ ★/★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Book 1:

Safe House

★ ★/★ ★ ★ ★ ★

After receiving the news that his best friend has been murdered by a rival MC, Flint Mason, the prodigal son of the Motorcycle Club Steel Infidels, returns to the club to exact revenge. Kendra Shaw is a veterinarian who’s love for animals outweighs caution, so when she receives a mysterious call about an injured eagle she jumps at the opportunity by traveling to a secluded cabin in the mountains. However, instead of finding an eagle, she gets an eyeful of an injured Flint. Flint and Kendra are forced together in a tense situation where neither wants to be.

What they soon discover hidden behind their differences is a fiery passion that ignites and bursts into flames. Can they overcome their obstacles and fight for their love or will the grim reality of life in the MC destroy their chances forever?


My expectations for this novella was awfully high, having recently gotten off of my SOA high and the cover being so magnetic – but sadly my expectations were extinguished after we’re introduced to Kendra. Her character is extremely preposterous and utterly unlikeable in my opinion, however I had faith that as the novel progressed my dislike would be reversed and turn into admiration or, at the very least, a tolerance but the length of this novella prevented that. My reasons for not liking Kendra stemmed from her behavior and actions, but this could have been forgiven…if she wasn’t a freaking doctor! But according to Kendra, “I’m a vet, not a doctor!”  (WTF I know a few veterinarians and they all refer to themselves as doctors, well to people they don’t know) so that kind of sums up her stupidity, along with her having sex with a man she barley knows in a notorious motor cycle gang.

Which then leads me to Flint’s character – who I cannot take seriously after watching Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs – who is this successful lawyer who drops everything to rejoin his legendary life of crime as a Steel Infidels. Perhaps it’s me not understanding the gravitational pull to the streets, or in this case the road, that prevents me from fully grasping the magnitude  of his decisions. I mean he goes from being an outlaw, to the law, and then turns back to being an outlaw again; it could be me but that just seems so unstable and, therefore, makes an incomplete character when that wasn’t the intention. And then we have another story about lust at first sight that magically turns into love overnight, storyline that I’m fed up with reading. That being said, Flint’s still totally smoking hot and sexy in every way.

Finally we arrive at the root of the issue with this novella, which is…drum roll…it’s entirely too short. This novella comes to its cliff-hanger conclusion much to speedily for us because just as the ice cream cake is about to be sliced the knife just gets stuck (I’m sorry, that was just awful and the guilty party is: my sugar crazed mind). So to say this basically would be to say there wasn’t enough time for character development, therefore, once again, I’ve been burned by book longevity but since there’s a second book it gives me hope (FYI: hope = dangerous emotion for book readers)


Book 2:


★ ★ ★/★ ★ ★ ★ ★

With there location compromised, Kendra and Flint are forced to flee the safe house with the danger of Liberators trailing them. However, the threat isn’t neutralized and soon they find themselves in a perilous situation that forces Kendra to make a life changing decision. 


This story was definitely superior to the first novella in both storyline and progression.

So, book two kicks off directly where book one ended and it’s an action packed “scene” that I imagine could rival a Mission Impossible movie, with Flint and Kendra fighting for their lives against the Liberators. In this battle of MC’s we’re rewarded to read a rather entertaining fighting sequence, that puts Kendra – the veterinarian – directly into the line of Liberator fire. So instead of being smart and removing herself from the situation with as much adroitness (although I don’t know how much she’d have) she decides to start shooting back…at a rival gang…with a shotgun…while being stuck on mountain…

But somehow I was able to surpass that and continue with my reading and find out that she’d killed a man and didn’t feel bad about it because they were bad people.

*Applies Brakes*

Now, I know that there are some truly horrific people in the world that have done unimaginable wrongs and are clearly hellhound, but any normal human being would still have more emotion towards killing a man than that. The novel literally reads,  “Kendra made the conscious decision right then to put it out of her mind and get the hell over it. She didn’t have time for regrets. She always did what needed to be done, and this time was no different than any other.  She took a deep breath. Whatever happened, there would be no regrets.” Ummmmm. I just couldn’t get over this for remainder of reading Liberated. Perhaps if Kendra would’ve been a former assassin, or at least apart of a MC I might have been able to let this slide, but Kendra being a doctor that’s never done anything spontaneous or even knew how to shoot a gun, but that’s not the case in this story.

One thing that improved was that the story wasn’t a true erotica like the first one, this installment had much more depth, which was needed in order to receive those 3 stars. So, now Flint and Kendra are dating and they’re all cute and cuddly but Flint, of course, has to break it off with Kendra because this life is too dangerous for her, blah blah blah – the usual. But this really wasn’t a conflict because it literally lasted for two pages and then kaboom, threat neutralized. Ugh there isn’t anything really interesting about the rest of the story, so I just don’t feel the need to keep explaining it because there’s nothing to tell.


Overall, this was a disappointing series to read although the MC theme is something I’d like to see more of in the IR genre. With unreasonable actions of characters and an irrational amount of pages to accompany it, these stories are a relaxed read with nothing truly remarkable about them. However, check them out for yourself in the two-in-one below:


Therapeutic Relations by Shara Azod & RaeLynn Blue


2.5 starts out of 5
★ ★ ★/★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Dr. Takashi Nakamura was a damn good therapist. His own lustful thoughts lay right there across the office where Dr. Tanya Morris’s office resided. He longed to take the beautiful doctor into his arms and confess his long held love. When the opportunity arises and Tak gets to do just that, the results aren’t what he had hoped for. Will he be able to convince Tanya he’s for real and will he be able to climb over Tanya’s sexual hurdles and into her heart?


Although this is an older novella (2009 published), after reading it I still thought a mini review would be appropriate for the page length. That being said, or written/typed, this novella turned out to be different than what I expected, sadly enough different in a bad way. Since it had all the ingredients of a great IR novel – hot, tall Japanese hero and a gorgeous divorcee with trust issues heroine – but the page length and characters just didn’t appeal much after reading it.

I’ve been burned before by novella’s but I went, “What the hell, let’s give this a chance!” and now its happened yet again. With such a good plot it’s disheartening to read this novella and know that with a couple extra, hundred pages it could’ve been superb. However, this story was plagued with the “too little info, too much sex” syndrome, which in my opinion never turns out properly because love doesn’t develop for us to imagine; but that’s not to say there aren’t many novellas that left me satisfied after reading it’s shortened pages, however this particular one was undoubtedly unsatisfying and once again unprotected sex.

Now, to shed some light on the characters I think it’s imperative to make an account of the sexiness of Takashi, which is at an extremely high level. That being said his character isn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer. When you know a woman is insecure and feeling unloved his first thought was to have sex with her but expect her to believe his “love” is genuine? Yeah, that’s a terrible idea. However, is it as terrible as Tanya…no! I have know idea who her character was and her insecurities were annoying, which could be on account of her actually being vexatious or her character not having sufficient time to evolve and be appreciated.


Overall, this novella was short, sort of sweet, and extremely sexual which is nice recipe for people who enjoy those sort of erotic stories, but for me it wasn’t terribly interesting. However don’t be afraid to check it out below: