Sweet Tooth, Vol. 1: Out of the Deep Woods (Sweet Tooth #1) | Review

6954438★ ★ ★

A cross between Bambi and Cormac McCarthy’s The Road, SWEET TOOTH tells the story of Gus, a rare new breed of human/animal hybrid children, has been raised in isolation following an inexplicable pandemic that struck a decade earlier. Now, with the death of his father he’s left to fend for himself . . . until he meets a hulking drifter named Jepperd who promises to help him. Jepperd and Gus set out on a post-apocalyptic journey into the devastated American landscape to find ‘The Preserve’ a refuge for hybrids.
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I’ve always had a love/hate relationship with reviewing Graphic Novels – the pros are cons and vice-versa. On one hand, I’d like to assault your beautiful eyes with the illustrations of Jeff Lemire’s characters and setting, however, after awhile, you’d overdose on the images and this review would just be congested. But on the other hand, it’d be sacrilegious to not show images of the novel since it’s a graphic novel! Here in lies my problem, and why I rarely write reviews for graphic novels. Now that that rant’s complete, shall we get to the review?!

Out of The Deep Woods (Sweet Tooth, Vol. 1) is a really freaking weird novel, even for a post apocalyptic, dystopian. Featuring animal/human hybrid children and the world going to shit – I’d hope that would be the only reason animal/human hybrid children exist – after a disease known as the Affliction (ominous right!) killed off billions people. So, a new species is fabricated known as animal-hybrid children. However, these children are hunted, by hunters, to be hunted….hehe.


The story follows the journey of a sweet, deer animal-hybrid kid named Gus, aka Sweet Tooth, and his mountain-like savior Jeppard, after saving Gus from the aforementioned hunters. Along the journey to the safe haven for hybrid children like Gus called The Preserve, we don’t meet a copious group characters, but we do encounter a few: mock animal-hybrid prostitutes, hunters, and savage hyena-looking murderers.


This novel being so short didn’t leave much room for development of any kind. Since this is Volume one I kind of expected to learn a bit more about the characters or story line, however, I didn’t learn anything. The only storyish foreshadow is that animal-hybrid children exist because of a disease, which hasn’t been explained, killed most of the people. There’s a few fighting scenes that, I guess, shed light on both Gus and Jeppard’s characters. Mainly we got the emotional impact of a world without rules, morals and ethics, through the eyes of this boy who’s the foil of this whole world in a way. He’s sweet, innocent and compassionate in a world that’s done away with all those things. The end is also unsatisfying but that’s due to there being a Volume two.


New Release|Fight Club 2 (Graphic Novel) by Chuck Palahniuk

This is unexpected. Fight Club was originally published in 1996 and the movie adapted in 99′. Fight Club 2 is the sequel to Fight Club 20 years later(!), however, unlike it’s predecessor, Fight Club 2 will be in form of a graphic novel. It’ll be released on June 28, 2016, but it’s currently available for pre-order. Although I wasn’t impressed by the first Fight Club novel, I’m excited about this graphic novel and believe that it’s got some serious potential. 

Some imaginary friends never go away . . .

Ten years after starting Project Mayhem, he lives a mundane life. A kid, a wife. Pills to keep his destiny at bay. But it won’t last long, the wife has seen to that. He’s back where he started, but this go-round he’s got more at stake than his own life.The time has arrived . . .Rize or Die.


WWW Wednesday


This is a weekly meme hosted by Taking On A World Of Words (SamAnnElizabeth) where we answer the three questions:

  • What are you currently reading?
  • What did you just finish reading?
  • What are you planning on reading next?


Normally I read a minimum of three books at once, so right now I’m reading:

A Princess of Mars (John Carter, #1) – Science Fiction

Storm Front (Dresden Files, #1) – Paranormal

The Air He Breathes (The Elements, #1) – New Adult

Girl of Myth and Legend – YA/Fantasy



I haven’t actually finished any books recently, my schedule has been seriously chaotic, but these are the two most recent.

Sweet Tooth: Out of the Deep Woods (Sweet Tooth, #1) – Graphic Novel ★ ★ ★

Seer’s Burden (Strands, #1) – Paranormal ★ ★ ★ ★


Well, I’m not really a planner but I do have three books in my line of sight.

Eleanor – Fantasy

Saga Vol. 4 – Graphic Novel

Dark Confessions: I’m cleaning out my  NetGalley TBR, which is extremely cluttered.

Saga, Vol. 6 by Brian K. Vaughan & Fiona Staples


After a dramatic time jump, the three-time Eisner Award winner for Best Continuing Series continues to evolve, as Hazel begins the most exciting adventure of her life: kindergarten. Meanwhile, her starcrossed family learns hard lessons of their own.


Why can’t we time jump to July 5! So, the next installation of the Saga series is coming out soon, and my excitement level is above maximum.

Have you ever read Saga? Do you plan to? What are your feelings on graphic novels?

30 Days of Night [Movie]


30 Days of Night is a graphic novel series by Steve Niles.  I’ve never read the graphic novel, however the movie was actually one of my favorite horror movies because it was so obscure and disturbing. These are some real vampires. They don’t speak English (does that classify a real vampire?); they don’t sparkle or charm you; they’re not unbearably beautiful; they’re actual monsters. Plus, I love Josh Hartnett in everything. Check out the official trailer below:

The Walking Dead [TV series]


I think everyone and their great-grandmother knows about the television series The Walking Dead, but if you don’t the trailers below. And although the show is well known, is the graphic novel just as popular? Personally I’m not sure, but if you’d like to check out some walker and people crazy, or if you don’t feel like waiting on the tv show, just read The Walking Dead series by Robert Kirkman. I’ll be honest with you, I haven’t read the series but it’s on my TBR.

Saga, Volume 5 (Saga: Collected Editions #5)

Yaaaaaaaaay!! The newest edition of the Saga Volumes by Brian K. Vaughn & Fiona Staples has finally arrived…although it’s not technically available until September 15, but who cares because the time is now! This collection was my first graphic novel and it’s absolutely awesome.

For those of you who aren’t privy to these intriguing volumes I demand, nicely of course, that you go and read every novel immediately. This Saga is filled with humor, imaginative creatures and characters, and a deliberately awesome plot that’ll keep you engrossed in each and every page. So, this particular volume is the fifth in the collection, so if you haven’t read the previous ones you need to before picking this one up. Here’s the summary:

Multiple storylines collide in this cosmos-spanning new volume. While Gwendolyn and Lying Cat risk everything to find a cure for The Will, Marko makes an uneasy alliance with Prince Robot IV to find their missing children, who are trapped on a strange world with terrifying new enemies. Collects Saga #25-30

Fact: I do think it should be known that this was first released as individual issues from Collections Saga #25-30. So if you’ve already bought those then you’re good, but I like to have each individual volume, in consequence I’m forced to wait. 

If you’re interested in Pre-ordering this volume you can click the cover for the cover above.