6 Times I was Spoiled for a Series/Book and was Grateful | Random


The amount of books I’ve been spoiled for is criminal, but with social media it’s almost impossible to not be spoiled by books nowadays, however, all spoilers aren’t bad. There were some books that I was extremely appreciative of the spoiler posse and this post is that list.

*Disclaimer:  I’m sure you’ve all deduced that this review will be full of spoilers, but just to be safe – This post will contain SPOILERS!!



This was an accidental spoil. I had just come down from the high of Divergent when I began reading Insurgent. Now, where Divergent was fun and exciting, Insurgent was excruciatingly slow and dull.  It took me four months to finish Insurgent and that’s when I happened upon a non-disclosed spoiler review that basically said, “Tris died. What the fuck was the point?!” Reading that review was THE best thing I did that day – that and not reading book three of course. I was reluctant to read Allegiant anyway, so once I became privy to this info I was refreshed and exact that I hadn’t wasted my time. This didn’t stop me from reading a quick summary of book three, though, and it was so bad I cackled.

Bunny Drop


Bunny Drop volumes was a semi-accidental, semi-purposeful spoil. Bunny Drop vol. 1 was my first venture into Japanese Manga, however, it won’t be my last. Bunny Drop vol. 1 was wonderful and really different from anything I’d read this year. After enjoying volume one, I went on a warpath for volume two and was, again, pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed it. So, I went  and checked out how many volumes we’d get with this series, which is when I happened upon the dramatic decrease in stars. Volume one had a 4.07 avg rating  and volume nine had a 3.10 avg rating. Being the inquisitive person I am, it was only natural for me to read the reviews – right? Some of the reviews were spoiler-free, while others were not. I chose to read the spoiler-filled reviews (don’t judge me), which is how I found out the ending of the Bunny Drop volumes. Apparently, Yumi Unita got the notion that a grown man adopting a 6 year old girl and raising her like a daughter can then become romantically involved with them once aforementioned girl is of age….Not to mention that the man believed her to be his relative…I had never been happier to be spoiled.

Castor Chronicles

I’ve mentioned my hatred of this series before (here), but I’ll explain this spoil purposeful spoil. I spoiled Beautiful Chaos because I couldn’t bring myself to finish the book and I wanted to know if the end was worth it (it wasn’t). After learning this I was pretty much done with the series, but I wanted to know how it concluded, so I searched for a spoiler. Surprisingly, it was hard to find, but when I did my reaction was


So, Amma dies… Lena still doesn’t make a damn choice…Ethan is still stupid as fuck

Logan Enchanted


Logan Enchanted was a random, accidental spoil. I was really into the blurb and theme of an ugly duckling, so this was an automatic buy for me until I saw a review. I trust this reviewer and she said the hero was a douche. I hate douchey hero’s (unless they’re funny too). So I kept reading and realized the hero was an average looking guy turned sexy hunk, but his attitude also got a makeover. The heroine has a boyfriend but likes this new version of the hero…sex…sex…dark sex…douchey comments/actions…blah. Hell no.

Shatter Me Trilogy

I think most of you know about this shit.

Black Swan Affair


Black Swan Affair was a very purposeful spoil. I don’t like love triangles. They’re an overdone, annoying feature in books but I was intrigued by this book. However, after reading the blurb I already knew who I wanted to win the heroines heart, which put me in an interesting position. So, I scoured the internet looking for ANYONE to spoil the book for me, and it took me forever, but I finally found one. After learning the hero I want to win won I was all set.


Do you have spoilers you were grateful for?


14 thoughts on “6 Times I was Spoiled for a Series/Book and was Grateful | Random

  1. taliaredhotink says:

    I had your exact same experience with the Divergent Trilogy. Loved the first, plunged head-in in Insurgent and gave it 2 meager stars. Then, online, in the comment section of some article about the movies, I stumbled upon a commenter saying: “I hope in the movie Tris doesn’t die”.
    That was it. Case closed. Never read the book and am glad I didn’t.
    I used to love spoilers and often read the last page of a book just for fun. Reading mainly romance, it’s not like you don’t know how it’s gonna end. Nowadays though I’m taking my chances more…
    Oh, but whenever one of my favorite characters “dies” in a PNR, I always check when he/she’s going to resuscitate. First time I did it was when Bones in the Night Huntress Series died in book three. I was devastated and started turning pages like a mad woman, crying.

  2. theorangutanlibrarian says:

    Ahh this is such a cool idea for a post! I wish I’d been spoiled for Divergent- then I wouldn’t have bothered to read to the end. To be fair, it was pretty obvious that she was gonna die cos Roth brought in dual perspective to the last book. I didn’t actually care she died tbh, but it was a dumb book. A book I spoiled myself for was Mortal Instruments, cos there was a particular thing I needed to know, cos otherwise I couldn’t have kept on reading (let me know if you’ve read it so I can stop being so cryptic!)

    • Codie @Reader's Anonymous says:

      Thank you! It was rather freeing being spoiled for Divergent so, sorry you had to endure all three books. Ahh that’s right she did give four a POV right? Yup, classic dying move. I haven’t read it…I’ve been meaning to forever but just haven’t gotten around to it yet. But if it’s the weirdness that happened in the movie then lol I understand – 100% understand.

  3. Louise / geniereads says:

    I also got spoiled with Tris’ death, it happened in class and one of my classmates randomly shouted that Tris would die in book 3. I still read Allegiant though, because I wanted to know how she died. 😂

    • Codie @Reader's Anonymous says:

      Ah a classroom spoil, haha never had that happen before! How can you be expected to focus of academics after a spoiler?! I commend you for sticking it out and not searching for that spoiler of the initial spoil (I think I confused myself). Did you enjoy it a little bit?

    • Codie @Reader's Anonymous says:

      Haha I used to do that all the time. I would be like “whew now I know that’s gonna happen I can relax and finish reading” haha. Do you do it more often now or before?

      • amaryllisturman says:

        If the book is getting too stressful or I am getting very attached to a character, I want to make sure that everything’s gonna be OK in the end so that I can concentrate on the story as it happens and not trying to figure out what is going to happen. I tend to get very anxious when reading good books (especially suspense) because it is as if it is real life. I like when that happens though, because I know that the author has created world that allows me be fully immersed in it.

      • Codie @Reader's Anonymous says:

        Completely understandable and I mm so guilty of this. It doesn’t really hurt taking a peak just to make sure your characters alright. Haha, I know I did that with The Knife if Never Letting Go and cried for so long…I’m glad I did though because like you said the author obviously built this crazy, realistic world.

    • Codie @Reader's Anonymous says:

      Haha, I can only imagine they were similar to mine. It’s lucky that you saved your precious reading time by skipping the series though, I’m envious.

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