Popular Themes/Genres of 2016 | Random


It’s December and the year is coming to a close, so I figured why not do a theme/genre specific post about the popular ones of 2016. This is my personal opinion of course based upon observations I’ve made. So let’s get this going!

Sports Romance

I’ve noticed an influx of Sports themed romance novels in New Adult fiction this year. Football tends to be the most popular of the variety of sports (perhaps since it’s considered one of the manliest sports in the US?), with mma, soccer, basketball, and hockey coming after it. Baseball isn’t nearly as popular (do they exist at all?). Anyway, these sport themed books are normally fun and short with steamy scenes and a cute HEA to finish. Sometimes the storyline is based around the sport, while others are based around the romance and the sport is just a bonus.

Time Travel

Time Travel is spreading like a virus this year. Last year you’ll remember that zombies were the hot thing, but this year it’s traveling

“Back in ti-ime, back in time”

It’s been really popular in YA more than anything with titles such as: Passenger, Into the Dim, The Girl From Everywhere, Unhooked, The Love That Split the World, etc. The interesting thing about time travel this year, is that the portal/instrument that the traveling is being made through is a boat for a vast majority of them. Unhooked, Passengers, and The Girl From Everywhere, are all time travel novels aboard a ship. Time Travel is fun to read about, but can be boring if done wrong.

Realistic Fiction

Realistic Fiction has recently begun being popular again. After the John Green hype died down a bit teens started to focus more on High Fantasy and Dystopia (the people I know did at least), which kinda sucked for realistic fiction writers because people were tired of reality. However, 2016 has done wonders for this genre! With YA novels like The Sun Is Also a Star, Holding Up the Universe, Rani Patel in Full Effect, Phantom Limbs, and The Row.

Science Fiction/Space


I think I was most excited about this one. Science fiction/space novels have been growing in mainstream popularity this year which (in YA at least) can be attributed to Illuminae. This year sparked the arrival of Gemina, Starflight, Dark MatterMorning StarSleeping Giants, etc. Science Fiction was always a singular genre, meaning the reader usually didn’t read much else, but it’s recently been rejuvenated and written in a milder setting for those not ready for Philip K Dick or Kurt Vonnegut.

Have you noticed any genre that’s been getting more attention in 2016?  




6 thoughts on “Popular Themes/Genres of 2016 | Random

  1. Zezee says:

    Not a genre but comics and graphic novels are gaining more popularity because of the superhero movies but also for their inclusion of diverse characters.

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