Special Forces by Brynn Paulin | Review







Amelia Barker and Keon Munro are about to meet face-to-face for the first time. With F-16 butterflies dive-bombing her belly, she nervously awaits her soldier and the promises he made over the internet. Fresh off deployment, Keon is ready for some one-on-one action with the woman who captured his heart through cyberspace. Too bad she’s not who he thinks she is. Either way, she’d better be ready for his special force. He’s been dreaming of this night for months, and her sweet behind is his.

What can an 18-page book really accomplish, apparently a nice little story. Although it doesn’t include complex characters, or a particularly engaging plot, it still surprised me because it was so condensed. The gist of the story is simple; Amelia Barker has been pretending to be her fickle sister to a military pen pal, Keon Munro, after she completely ditches him. Feeling bad and adventurous, she decides to keep up the charade his entire deployment, until she realizes he want’s to meet her (since they kinda began a relationship) and remembers she’s not her sister.

In Amelia we get a character that’s insecure about her body and doesn’t believe a man like, Keon would be interested in her, especially since her sister is like movie star beautiful (I really don’t know what that means, since most movie stars look like everyday people without the makeup and alterations, but I get what she’s implying). She struggles with her options and after realizing she’s never done anything adventurous or spontaneous, she takes a chance on Keon.

They meet and she’s nervous about his reaction to her mediocre appearance compared to her sister’s beauty. He doesn’t care and already knew that her sister ceased communication long ago, but he’s in love with, Amelia. They go to a hotel room and…..


Whatever dance that’s supposed to be…


End of story

This really isn’t a BDSM novel, although Keon is very dominant, you’re not gonna see any 50 Shades of Grey type action. But it’s a quick, sweet story that’s a good transition novella.

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