I’m Back!

I’m quite certain I am more excited about this return than you guys, but I couldn’t help it, I missed ya! However, I should probably explain the abruptness of my exit. There were actually a few things preventing me from posting, the most serious would be that I burned my hand cooking.

Yupp, I was making wasabi, honey mustard chicken and forgot the pan just came out of the oven and…sizzle. My hand was wrapped like a mummy for a while and it prevented me from typing, therefore, posting.

The second reason is because my job! I’ve had this HUGE account that I’ve written documents and contracts for for the past week.

The third would be my computer had been taken hostage. My cousin was here and….yea.

The fourth, I’ve been doing research for my trip to Thailand coming up in December and I’m excited!

Last, but not least, I’ve been school searching. As most of you probably don’t know, I took a year off before going to school in order to  “find myself” which is a simple way of saying I worked my ass off my senior year and deserved a break.


Since school begins in Janurary I’ve been researching schools and talking to admission counselors etc.

But I’m back! And I’ve read A  LOT of books! If you follow me on Instagram, you’d know how much 🙂

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