Rip It Or Ship It

rip it or ship it book tag

Thank you the orang-utan librarian for tagging me in this fun tag – it was ages ago!  For this tag  you need to put characters names into a jar (or whatever) and pick two out at random. After that you decide if you rip them or ship them. Here goes nothing!

Bilbo Baggins + Sookie Stackhouse =

Hehe, can you imagine Sookie living in Middle Earth with Bilbo!? I surely can’t – she’s much to daft to enjoy the lovely company of Bilbo Baggins. RIP IT!

Bella Swan + Ethan Wate =

This was tricky. They’re both awful characters, but they’re also really similar to each other. Bella’s pining for Edward, Ethan for Lena, and they’re both in physical danger for their love. At first I was like, too similar, but then I figured if they can both be weak together and for one another it might work. I’m thinking since they’re both betas they need alphas but who knows; let’s give it a go. SHIP IT!

Pat Peoples + Katherine =

Mhmm, this is a proper match. Katherine is a no nonsense character (well, for most of the book) that needs a guy that’s not gonna scare off easily. Lucky for her, Pat is absolutely bonkers, so he’s not gonna be scared of her temper or wicked tongue. Pat also needs someone not afraid of his crazy and that will tell him off every once in a while – Kat’s just the girl because she’s a bit crazy too. SHIP IT!

Mr. Rochester + Angel Crawford =

This one is hysterical! Angel’s a modern-day, American, white trash, zombie. Mr. Rochester is an Englishman, from the Victorian era, and has status and money – he’s also not dead. Hmm, although this might seem like the most opposite couple in the world, I’m gonna SHIP IT! Angel is just looking for someone to tell her she’s worth it and special, however, she doesn’t take shit from anyone. Mr. Rochester needs that vulnerability but also that strength. SHIP IT!

Jasper Dent + Jane Eyre =

How ironic that I’d get Jane right after Mr. Rochester, but the verdict isn’t the same. Jane brings everything to the table, yet she has her own baggage, whereas Jasper just doesn’t add any life to the relationship. This just wouldn’t work. RIP IT!

Greg Gaines + Selene Vanreem =

Greg is too douchey for Selene, plus he’s a superficial crybaby that would give up much too easily. RIP IT!

Jay Gatsby + Macbeth =

This is such an odd match that I really pondered it. Macbeth started out relatively normal until he morphed into psycho status. Gatsby’s the life of the party but nobody knows the true him, he doesn’t even know. They’re both lost and easily manipulated because they want what they’ve been told or seen in life. Two people as fudged up as these two could either build together or crumble together, it’s hard to say. SHIP IT!

Mark Watney + Katniss =

I had to steal Mark Watney from the Orag-utan Librarian – I’m currently reading The Martian. She’s overly serious, he’s too silly. They’re both resourceful and natural leaders. She could use a laugh and he could use some serious. I like this match. SHIP IT!

Thomas + David Rice =

Davy’s fun, Thomas is boring. Can’t see this working, mainly because I don’t know who Thomas is (going by the book not the movie). RIP IT!

Arthur Dent + Percy Jackson =

Another awkward pairing with these two. Thinking they’d both annoy the shit outta each other, plus it’s creepy. RIP IT!

DJ + Jack Carson =

Jack Carson would murder little DJ’s heart. If we’re talking about DJ in book 3 then that might stand a chance, but overall this wouldn’t work. RIP IT!

John Carter + Elizabeth Bennett =

Elizabeth Bennet isn’t a very docile lass and she doesn’t take well to pompous, egotistical males…so this match would not work. The majority of A Princess of Mars is John Carter telling the reader how heroic he is and how cowardice isn’t in his genetic make up blah blah blah. Nah, RIP IT!


Well, that was fun. Since I was tagged for this ages ago I’m not gonna tag anyone, but if you’d like to do it link back to me so I can read it 🙂 Hope you enjoyed this

5 thoughts on “Rip It Or Ship It

  1. theorangutanlibrarian says:

    haha I like that you put two characters that are both pathetically weak together. Gatsby and Macbeth is just so odd!! Ah I loved that match before and I still do! Great post- glad you did it 🙂 Hope you had fun!!

    • Codie says:

      With Bella and Ethan? I felt they might fit well, haha 🙂 I was thinking the same thing when I pulled the paper out! I was like whaaaaat? that’s weird. Which match? I really did have fun – thanks for the tag 😀

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