Ballers: His Game (Ballers Series #1) by Blue Saffire


For Him she was the one from the moment he saw her. He just didn’t know it would be so hard for her to see him, but when she does he takes his chance. He would never regret it, but what he would regret is walking away. Then she appears in his life again and he is floored by all he truly walked away from. It will never happen again, no matter what.

Football had been his life, not anymore and if walking away from it all is what it takes to have her and all that comes with her so be it. He has left it all out on field, now it is time to leave it all at her feet.

Because Tamara is his for keeps!

*Warning: This review will not be like my others. Since this is a New Adult novel, I will have adultish comments about it. For once I’m acting my age :d*

Normally one-night stand romances don’t interest me; they usually suffer from paucity in both validity and plot since it’s normally about sex alone. In spite of my concerns I jumped off of the proverbial bridge and read Ballers. My reasoning lie mainly with the unfortunate truth that I was in a dry spell in the book department, so I surmised that a quick, cheesy romance novel would get my book mojo back. However, when I finished this novel I was pleasantly surprised.

Ballers is a sweet adult-fiction, sports romance novel featuring a football player theme. The novel goes something like this:

Boy meets girl. Girl tells boy she’s not interested.

Boy doesn’t let that deter him. Girl is like well, he’s not so bad.

*One-night stand ensues*

Boy thinks girl doesn’t really like him – although he likes her tremendously – so he bolts (not so smart hombre)

Girl wakes up to an empty bed – she’s sad. She really liked him.

Girl finds out something that she keeps from boy (dun dun dun, we all know what that is)

*A bunch of years past*

Girls a successful agent, boys a successful football player.

They meet again, however old wounds heal slowly – but not in this case!

They feel like they never broke up, but life keeps finding a way to tear them down.

Girl pulls away, sad and afraid to hurt the man she loves

Boy pushes girl because his love for her exceeds all else

Sometimes football isn’t so forgiving to the body or the mind, just like life.


Now, to explain why I wrote the review in this odd fashion, I must be candid:

I read this book in January/February, in consequence this review isn’t the one I wanted to write but I was forced to alter my previous ideas.

Like all books (except Jane Eyre) there’s good and bad material in this novel. Sometimes the writing was off, others the story line seemed stilted, however these things didn’t take away from the strong characters of Tamara and Brad and their love for each other. It also didn’t diminish the sweet moments and the truth, in the sad reality of our worlds views.


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