The Spirit Animal Blog Award

Thank you so much for the nomination happyalex, and check out her awesome blog.


1. Post the award picture on your blog
2. Write a short paragraph about yourself and what your blog means to you
3. If you could be any animal, what would you be?
4. Pick ten nominees.

Hmm, I guess I should begin with my name – it’s Codie. I’m from Philly and reading is a ginormous part of my life, hence the my blog name. I started this blog a little over three years ago and it’s one of my many passions. I work a pretty interesting job (which shall remain anonymous) and currently live in Atlanta, GA. I’m a serious DIY type gal, which includes, Cooking, Crafts, Knitting, Candle making etc. my mom swears I was a apothecary/hippie/gypsy in my former life. I don’t really know what else to mention about myself without giving too much away because you gotta follow the rules of being anonymous.

If I could be any animal it’d be a panda bear. They’re so adorable and cuddly, and can just brighten up anyone’s day. They hang out all day playing and just having fun…although I’d like the fierceness of a polar bear…but then there’s the solitude of a brown or black bear…can I change my answer to just a bear, and be a shapeshifting bear that can turn into other bears? If I can, I’ll take that.

My Nominations:

Ebony Monae thoughts

Pretty, Plus, and Proud

the orang-utan librarian

I tagged a lot of people last time, so I’m just going to do three.


This post is super old because it was hiding in my drafts, so sorry for the lateness.

2 thoughts on “The Spirit Animal Blog Award

  1. theorangutanlibrarian says:

    Ahh I completely understand what you mean about following the rules about being anonymous. I’m not so strict as I would like to be cos I have a big mouth and always speak (or in this case write) too much- but I do prefer being anonymous on the internet as much as possible. aww yes- polar bears are lovely! And all bears are wonderful- but my favourite kind are teddy bears (I’d love to see a wildlife documentary about them- can you imagine how hilarious that would be?)
    Thanks so much for the tag- really enjoyed this post 🙂

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