What I’ve Read Recently

If you guys have noticed I’ve been MIA – again – for a few days, however it’s not because of my overflowing schedule, but because I’ve been sick.

I hate being sick, and to be candid, I’m not the most effective sick person (hint’s the no recent post thing) when it comes to work, school, etc. I’m a sleeper. I sleep pretty much the entire day, but I also read the times I am awake. So, I’ve read a few books these past few days.

‘Til Death Do Us Part by Amanda Quick (ARC)

★ ★ ★


As You Breath Again by Molli (ARC)

★ ★ ★

As You Breathe Again (The Walker Boys #2)

Sweet Jazz by Ursula Renee

★ ★ ★


Saga Vol 2. by Brian K Vaughn

★ ★ ★


I know, I know. Four doesn’t really constitute at as a few, but I was bored. Look out for these reviews, plus a boat load more because I have a backlog of them to complete. This is going to be a loooong week, I hope yours will be great 🙂


25 thoughts on “What I’ve Read Recently

  1. Bookenstein says:

    AH. Awesome reads! I am knee deep in Saga right now, and it is SO. GOOD. Also, looking forward to your review on As You Breathe Again. It was on my list, but I don’t remember if I ever got around to ordering it back when I was thirst-buying V-Day weekend.

    • Codie says:

      Thank you 🙂 Isn’t it wonderful?! I finished the entire thing in like 30 minutes because it’s so good. Which book are you on? Haha, I’ll be writing the review soon, I hope you enjoy it – both the review and the book if you ordered it.

      • Bookenstein says:

        So great! I can’t believe it took me so long to find this series. I just finished the third one a couple of days ago. I’m sure I will ^__^

      • Codie says:

        Me too, I bought it like 5 seconds after finishing book two. It’s really great and I’m just excited to read what comes next. Plus, I love the covers!!

      • Bookenstein says:

        The covers are A+. I’m currently trying to find a place to put these where they’ll be on display, tbh. Also, now I’m trying to refrain from recklessly buying the rest of them. Resistance is futile, though.

      • Codie says:

        Resistance is futile. The covers are gorgeous!! I don’t have anywhere to put them, but I don’t have anywhere as of yet. Thinking about building a bookshelf actually – did you find a place yet?

      • Bookenstein says:

        Ooo. Nice! What kind of shelf were you thinking? And right now, they’re just all laying out side by side on my shelf because I’m unimaginative and there’s no other place to put them. I need to invest in some book stands, I think. Resistance is sooo futile, especially once payday rolls around.

      • Codie says:

        This shelf I found on Pinterest here: http://pin.it/AkyQP72 it’s really simple and nice. So hopefully it turns out well. Lol I’m sure you’ll figure it out. Ive seen really nice ones on etsy. But I know exactly what you mean!! I just bought book 4 yesterday lol.

      • Bookenstein says:

        That looks amazing. I hope it turns out as well. Etsy will be the reason I go broke. Well, that and Saga because I definitely bought 4 and 5 this morning when I got bored at work. lol

      • Codie says:

        I know right! I’m really excited about it, and making it myself – I hope so too *fingers crossed* Haha, I feel you. Etsy is basically pillaging my pockets, but the stuff is so nice! Envious is what I am. I only ordered 4. Lol

      • Bookenstein says:

        You got this! Always order more than what you think you need. That’s how I live my book life, obviously.

      • Bookenstein says:

        No problem. Also, you have to tell me all your Saga feels because I just blew through 4-5 and OH. MY. GOD.

      • Codie says:

        Haha, book three was sooooo good! I’m mad I have to wait for 4 to come. OMG you read both!? What happens??? No don’t tell me! Ugh, are you reviewing them?

      • Bookenstein says:

        I read all the things because I lack all semblance of self control. So, now I’m just chilling out waiting for six to come out IN JULY ;_; Eventually, I’ll definitely be reviewing them. But I’m so slow with those you’ll probably be all caught up by then. Lol

      • Codie says:

        I’m on book four now, so probably lol. But I’ll still read your reviews because they’re going to be great! How did you like Saga 5?

      • Bookenstein says:

        Oh ye of much faith! lol. I loved Saga 5 so much. It took the time to give perspective to a character I thought I would hate forever. You’ve gotta read it! Though I, admittedly, sped through 5 not realizing that 6 wasn’t out yet. I think I just might have to reread the whole series again until the time has come.

      • Codie says:

        That’s literaly the ONLY reason I’m not reading Saga 4 yet…the waiting is torture and I’m not good at it. Hmmm, I wanna ask if it’s a certain character, but then I’d probably spoil it for myself…I still wanna ask though. Decisions!

  2. jessreadingnook says:

    I’m sorry you’ve been sick. I’m pretty awful when I’m sick. I watch Friends reruns and sleep. No reading for me 🙂

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