The Godfather Trilogy [Movie]

The Godfather is an American classic, and anyone who hasn’t seen should exit and watch it immediately. This Mafia staple was originally three different books with different names (actually the third movie isn’t a book, but a fanciful makeup of the writers based on other parts in the novels), all included in the Mafia series by Mario Puzo (do yourself a favor and skip over everything by Mark Winegardner). Now, I recommend watching The Godfather Epic because unlike the original order, it’s chronological and features never before scenes – it’s 7 hours. Check out the trailers below:

(I think everyone is aware of my obsession with Marlon Brando, but it’s hard not to mention it)

(Have I ever mentioned my love for Robert De Niro? Let’s rectify that – I love Robert De Niro)

(Anyone else still searching for Nicholas Cage in this movie, although his name is mentioned in the end credits?)


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