6 thoughts on “It’s Kind of a Funny Story [Movie]

  1. remarkablylisa says:

    Okay, so I read the book before i watched the movie and let me start with how much I connected with the main character at the age I was reading it. I literally felt every single emotion the main character did. I had every thought–apart from killing myself but I did skim past it a bit. It was like the book was written for me about me. But after five years and me being at a much better place with myself, I can’t bring myself to reread it. The thoughts are too much of a bummer. The plot is sad. And it just feels so different now. It’s still a solid novel so please do give it a read. I believe the movie was different from the book severely but both were enjoyable to me.

    • Codie says:

      It’s great to know that you’ve found yourself in a better place, and I hope I enjoy the novel too. Books like this one (from your comment, other post, and reviews) seems bittersweet and although it’s great to have that connection with a novel it can kinda hurt too. Thank you so much for the comment 🙂

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