Outlander [Tv Series]


Outlander is a series by Diana Gabaldon. I haven’t read the books however, I did like the TV Series until it became too much for me. Every other episode there was either a rape, attempted rape or a sex scene, ugh I felt horribly filthy after watching each episode. But I LOVED me some Jamie! Check out the trailer below:

8 thoughts on “Outlander [Tv Series]

  1. authorswilliams says:

    This is how i feel about Game of Thrones. If they would just chill out on the graphic sex and all that, it would be soo much better. Sometimes I walk away it’s so annoying. But it’s HBO they do whatever they want, and it generally involves something sexual Blah! 😦

    • Codie says:

      Soooo true! I agree 100% I usually fast forward the graphic sex scenes on Games of Thrones because it just takes away from the show, and I have no interest in watching it. Ever since HBO started having television shows they’ve been getting worse with all the sex. If amazing shows like Doctor Who can exist for well over a decade with pretty much zero mention of sex, why can’t HBO go just ONE episode without it?? It’s aggravating 😦

      • authorswilliams says:

        I agree, it’s frustrating. My husband reads the books and he says the difference between the show and the books in regards to sexuality is like 90/10. The books focus more on the politics and war and violence etc. Not that I like reading violence either.

      • Codie says:

        Yeah, I’ve read book one and it’s much different. I appreciate it more than the show because it’s like a history book.

  2. Se'Quasha Smith says:

    I enjoyed the first book, but reading those long, epic novels has made me lazy. Lol. I checked out a few episodes of the series and I liked it. I agree about all the violence though. Sometimes it gets to be too much.

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