Infinity Dreams Award


(This award is long-overdo! Its taken me forever to do this because I suck)
I’ve been nominated for another award by Jess at Jess’ Reading Nook! Thank you so much Jess, and don’t forget to check out her awesome blog.


  1. Thank and follow the blog that nominated you
  2. Tell us 11 facts about yourself
  3. Answer the questions that were set for you to answer
  4. Nominate 11 bloggers and set questions for them


  1. My middle name is Hunter
  2. I was home schooled from 1st to 8th grade, and then again from 9th grade until college.
  3. I did gymnastics for 7 years
  4. I’m thinking about becoming a vegan
  5. I’m typing this right now
  6. I know how to make pasta noodles from scratch (no machine – you could say I’m proud)
  7. My first concert was the Goo Goo Dolls
  8. I ❤ all types of music (excluding country)
  9. My family has had 7 dogs, 1 bird, and 4 cats
  10. I’m from Philadelphia
  11. I’m a die hard hockey, MMA, boxing, and rugby fan

My Questions:

If you could only save one book to pass on to future generations, which would it be and why?

This almost seems impossible to answer! Although Jane Eyre is my favorite novel I’d have to choose the complete works of William Shakespeare…but then there’s the Bible. Well, the Bible for obvious reasons, it’s one of the oldest text ever and it’s full of poetry and life lessons – it’s freaking instruction guide. Whereas Shakespeare is a genius with words and language. I’d probably go with the Bible, though.

Who is your fictional crush?

I don’t really have a fictional crush, but if I had to choose a guy in a book that struck my fancy it’d be Zeus in On the Edge of Love. He’s badass and hilarious. Oooh, but I did love Owen in Just Listen by Sarah Dessen and Opie in Son’s of Anarchy…does he count? Anyway, I don’t know.

Hardback or paperback?

Haha, really? Paperback 100%

Do you write in your books, take notes on post-its/scrap paper, or neither?

If I feel notes are necessary I under no circumstance write in the book. It’s always in my Great Gatsby notebook or, if that’s not readily available, my walls.

What is your favorite kind of food?

Like cuisine? It’d definitely be Vietnamese or Italian. I ❤ Pho

A couple that you ship that aren’t actually together?

Hmmm…good question. Alyssa and Morpheus from the Splintered series.

What book would you most like to see a theme park for?

Since Harry Potter is already kind of a theme park, I’d have to say Percy Jackson series.

What character is most like you?

Ain’t nobody like me, but me…just kidding. But I really don’t know. I’m so all over the place it’d be hard to pick one character.

 Who is your favorite sidekick?

I’m assuming book sidekick, which would have to be Howie from the Jasper Dent series, or Tameka from the Armored series.

Where do you buy your books?

Mainly Amazon, Thriftbooks, Goodwill, and the Library when they have those sales. But I try to frequent my local bookstores also, because physical bookstores are a must.

What is a book you hate that everyone else loves?

Beautiful Creatures series. For some odd reason people go gaga over these book, but I don’t understand the fascination.

Your Questions:

  1. Would you rather only read you favorite book  for the rest of your life, or read  different books except your favorite book?
  2. Do you judge books by their cover?
  3. Physical books or ebooks?
  4. Do you pre-order?
  5. Favorite heroine-hero duo (movie, tv series, or book)?
  6. Least favorite genre?
  7. Biggest pet peeve in books?
  8. Have you ever felt a special connection with a protagonist before? If so, what book?
  9. What is a book you love that everyone else hates?
  10. Favorite book turned movie?
  11. Are you participating in any reading challenges this year? If so, which ones?



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Charleigh’s Book Nook

Divinely Bossome

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Ugh, is that eleven? Hopefully! Well, good day to you my fellow addicts 😀



14 thoughts on “Infinity Dreams Award

  1. theorangutanlibrarian says:

    Oh wow you went to a goo goo dolls concert? jealous! I used to write in invisible ink all over my walls- shame I didn’t have a black light :/
    Thanks for the tag! 😀 I just nominated you for the blogger recognition award, so that was well timed :p

    • Codie says:

      Lol, yeah I talked about that concert for hmm…2016 (hehe). Haha you didn’t have a black light?! All the writing will be a surprise for someone else – with a black light – then. Oh wow that is well timed, but thank you 😀

  2. jessreadingnook says:

    I’m so impressed that you can make pasta noodles from scratch! I want to learn, but I’m also incredibly lazy. I mean I once ordered a pizza simply because I thought eating with a fork required too much effort.
    I drive people insane because I love to write in my books.I don’t write much, just a few notes in the margins. I have to agree with you about Beautiful Creatures. One of my former coworkers recommended it to me, and I felt horrible because I didn’t like it. She was obsessed with it though.

    • Codie says:

      Making the mix is super easy but w/out a machine it’s tedious to roll out the dough. Trust, you’re not the only lazy one, although that’s too lazy even for me lol.

      Haha really? Well at least people know you really read the book and cared enough to make notes. Your books aren’t like Gatsby’s haha. But, thank you! Beautiful Creatures is really bad and it puzzles me that people enjoyed it, however can’t bash people for liking what they like (so I’ve been told) 😀 Did she try to get you to read the rest of the series?

  3. transhaan says:

    I love pho too ! ❤ Is it too much to assume that you love Rocky too? 😀 Hence your fascination for boxing and the fact that you live in Philadelphia. :O

    – Lashaan

  4. mudandstars says:

    Enjoyed reading your answers – I have exactly the same feelings about Beautiful Creatures, I couldn’t get into it at all, and I actually gave up half way through..! Thank you for the nomination 🙂 For some reason I didn’t get a notification from WordPress, silly WordPress!! Look forward to answering your questions 🙂

    • Codie says:

      I’m glad you enjoyed it, and share my displeasure with that series! The amount of people that gush over this novel was unreal, especially since it wasn’t good.

      You’re so welcome! WordPress doesn’t do that for me either…sometimes I’ll randomly see my name on post because it doesn’t link back. But I look forward to reading your answers, it should be fun 😀

      • mudandstars says:

        I know, although the film is definitely worse, it was sooo cheesy :/ WordPress is annoying with that, although I think I have worked out the mystery – I think it only gives you a notification if somebody has linked to an actual post or your about page, (i.e. when it has a post to tie the notification to.) I am now wondering how many tags I’ve missed and how many people think I’m super rude for ignoring them 😦

      • Codie says:

        Yes, the movie was most definitely worse, and incorrect. Oooh, that makes sense, but it’d be easier if they just allowed it to ping-back to your actual blog. I’m thinking the same thing, and I hope they change the system…because the current one is just annoying 😦

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