Beastly [Movie]

Beastly by Alex Finn has resided on my TBR forever, perhaps I’ll read it this year so I can finally remove it, or watch the movie. This is a retelling of the classic Disney film, Beauty and the Beast, however it introduces a modern twist where

A) He’s not an animal (no matter how metaphoric it was supposed to be, the fact that he was an animal in the original was really off-putting)

B) Is in modern-day New York

The movie adaptation of the book is down below, but don’t hesitate to check out the book also.

11 thoughts on “Beastly [Movie]

    • Codie says:

      Lol, I forgot about the tv show, but no I haven’t seen it. I’m gonna watch it and probably update this post because I do love magic. It’s hilarious that the tv series isn’t good though, because it didn’t look good from the trailers I’ve seen.

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