Gemstone Trilogy [Movie]

I’ve actually read this trilogy (so expect a review soon) and the books were just exactly like the movies in the form of quality – they were both terrible. I guess I should first explain that you’re not crazy, those two titles above are not in English but are actually German like the books are in German. Next, I’m gonna say like always: this isn’t a review. I would suck worse at movie reviews than book reviews (that reminds me – check out my reviews) but that’s not the point. The point is both movies are in German so you’ll have to suffer through the English-dub like moi or read the subtitles. Don’t expect to be wowed or even expect it to be like the book (if you’ve read it) because it’s not.

Smaragdgrün is German for Emerald Green (I have ZERO idea of why that is) isn’t out yet, but will be coming to theaters in 2016. The American name for this series is actually The Ruby Red trilogy not Gemstone but  Precious Stone is also an English edition. Check out the trailer below:

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