Christmas Challenge: Day 3

This is a very different post for me, seeing as all of my post are usually book related, but Pretty, Plus, and Proud tagged me so I figured I’d do day 3. It’s probably a good time to explain that I don’t actually celebrate Christmas, hints my only doing day 3, so I don’t have any Christmas stories or favorite wrapping paper. Therefore answering questions for the whole 12 days would probably be impossible. However right now I’m going to just answer the question for this tag.

Favourite Christmas food or recipe

Again, I don’t celebrate Christmas but I know some good food that only comes out during Christmas time. Being a big coffee, tea, and anything hot type of person, I love when Dunkin’ Donuts starts selling white hot chocolate. Lips burning, tongue numbing, throat inflamed goooodness.

Another food  I enjoy during the Christmas season is snow cream! My aunt always made snow cream when there was freshly fallen snow and I was always extremely excited when that time came around. The last food is actually something I don’t ever eat besides when it’s made this way, since I don’t like cake, cookies, brownies, or pie (more specifically cooked fruit) but I LOVE smore cookies. My cousin only makes it during the holidays and it’s one of my favorite things to eat.

As you can see, I don’t have many favorite things when it comes to Christmas food but I hope you enjoy the little bit that I did write.

Thank you so much Pretty, Plus, and Proud ! I tag happyalex to complete this challenge – hopefully you do better than me!

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