Rose (Lucian & Lia Book 4) by Sydney Landon

My name is Rose Madden and I have spent my life being the perfect daughter. Thanks to my daddy, I’m an expert marksman who dresses like some modern day freaking June Cleaver. My life has been perfectly scripted since the day I was born. I’ve never deviated from the plan—until I met attorney Max Decker. Now he has me doing insane things to get his attention, like grabbing him in his car and being arrested for stalking my ex-boyfriend just so he’ll come bail me out of jail. He thinks I’m crazy—but he wants me anyway, he just can’t admit it. I’m tired of living my life for others, and Max has just given me a reason to show everyone that this good girl is going bad.

This is obviously a first-person POV and to be perfectly honest, Rose seems a bit unstable but I guess that’s supposed to be her charm. This is an erotic novel, so it’s not really my niche but it looks interesting enough for me to give it a try. It’s not available until December 24, 2015 so you have time to read books 1-3 of the Lucian & Lia series.

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