TBR List Out of Control?

Book addicts have a major dilemma, and that’s having this extremely frightening TBR (to-be-read) list.  It’s frightening because it’s long as hell and you simply keep adding to it making it longer and longer, without realizing that your once meager 400 book collection has turned into 2000. It’s a common struggle and a book addicts major problem, but to be quite honest, this can go for any book reader who just find too many books on their TBR and are only reading the newer titles they recently added. Meaning your list is some crazy number like:


So, wanna condense that TBR list? I have the semi-perfect solution!

Step 1: Try not to add anymore books to your list.

Listen, I know this is difficult and borderline torture, so if you absolutely cannot resist it, go ahead and only add about 5-9 books every two weeks.

Step 2: Check for duplicates

Goodreads has a section where you can check for duplicates. Click, “My Books”. Scroll down until you see “Tools”, it’s on the left hand side. Select “find duplicates”. Once there delete the books you have a duplicate of.

Step 2

Step 3: Peruse your shelves

It’s always a good idea to look through your book shelves and select any novels that you no longer wish to read, or perhaps have already read but forgot to mark.

Step 4: Try to get rid of your older titles

If you’re on Goodreads, there’s a row that says , “Date Added”, where you can look at the oldest added novels you have to start picking those titles.

Step 5: Be honest

It’s always important to be honest and delete those novels you know you’ll never read. You’ve an Idea to which I’m referring to; that novel that’s been gathering “dust” on your shelf because you want to, but will never, read it. Just take the plunge and delete it.

Step 6: Page number

Shorter reads are faster (of course if it’s good), so try to read those novels with 100 or less pages in order to knock those off the shelf.

Step 7: Try to read what you have

I have 2,000+ books in my TBR list, however I don’t have that many books (I wish). So, try to read the books you have on hand because it’s quicker, and cheaper, to just pick it up and be whisked away on an adventure.

Step 8: Transfer DNF to your read list

DNF’s are a sad tragedy to behold, but it’s very real. Some books are either just, too bad, not for you, or confusing that you just cannot bear to pick it up again. If you have these novels marked “DNF” yet it’s still in your tbr, transfer it over to Read. Now, I know you didn’t read it, but you’re also not going to, therefore just switch it over. However, do not rate it! This is unfair since you didn’t finish it, unless you made it like 85-90% through, then yeah go ahead.

Step 9: Not Available

I’ve had this unfortunate thing happen where I have books on my tbr for a while and see that they’re no longer available to buy. This is weird, so I look and ask around to be sure it’s really gone, and then when I find out, yes it is, I delete it.

Step 10: Read

Well isn’t this obvious? I guess so, but I think it needs mentioning. In order to really shave those numbers down…Read books, you must! Hmmmm.

Well there you are.

If you want to add anything to this list that helped you, feel free to leave a comment and it will be added.

3 thoughts on “TBR List Out of Control?

    • Codie says:

      It really helped me, I got off at least 50 books just doing that…I still have like 2000-something, but it’s still less haha. I hope it works out for you!

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