What’s The Problem?

Recently I finished a particularly disappointing YA trilogy, and I’ve found myself becoming increasingly put-off by female heroines.

I don’t like to throw my read list around, but I gotta say I’ve read a lot of books. My current read status is around 500. Now, I’m not saying this to brag, I’m a humble person after-all (hehe), I mention this because out of the broad, diverse novels that I’ve read I have only around a dozen female heroines that possessed some serious moxie.

Personally, I relish a strong willed, badass heroine that doesn’t take shit from anyone and keeps rolling with the punches life, people, and circumstances throws her way. I enjoy that spitfire passion that a female heroine brings to the table, however a lot of authors don’t tend to make those female characters, and after reading Nicole Collet’s post Heroines in romance novels I realized that I needed to make a post about the problems with YA heroines, that can usually be divided into three groups:

The Whiner  – This is the female character that cannot give up complaining about her life and why events occurred in the manner they have. They usually have the woe is me type attitude that is like acid in the eyes.  She feels sorry for herself and behaves like her thoughts and feelings are unparalleled, but in all reality most people have it harder.

The Love Struck/Sick One – Ugh. I think I hate this more than any other.  This is the female character that cannot function, survive, or exist without a male character. She’s basically just so love-struck that she abandons all rational thoughts or actions from her brain in order to be with the hero. Basically, these characters are pathetic and grate my nerves like Gouda cheese! Instead of focusing on oh I don’t know, surviving, saving the world, or whatever it is her character is supposed to be doing, she’s crying, chasing or falling all over some boy.  She puts women so far backwards.

The Denier – This is the young woman that refuses to believe what’s right in front of her.  The “I don’t believe you’re an alien, although you just took me on a spaceship and now I’m on planet Xenon,” type of chick. Or she refuses to believe that she’s the key to end suffering, a war, extinction, etc. Nope, this is the girl that has been told, shown, and explained to thousands of times but she’s still like:

It’s obvious, imo, that these authors really need to step it up! I’m tired of rolling my eyes every other page because of some stupid bull shiitake the heroine did, is about to do, or said since it’s absolutely bonkers.

But you tell me, what’s the problem with these female protagonists?!

12 thoughts on “What’s The Problem?

  1. Kar says:

    Great article! I can’t stand leads that can make any mistake they want, they’re only human of course, but as soon as another character does it full meltdown, hate them forever. Ugh! Can’t stand the double standard girl.

    • Codie says:

      Thank you, Kar! I 100% agree with you on that type of heroine. She’s annoying and, sadly, ruins the entire novel for me. Happens a lot on television too.

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