9 thoughts on “This is Awesome (Day 29)

      • writingbolt says:

        I doubt I will get back to you (for a while, at least). But, if you scour the art posts as regularly as I do, you’ll probably come across them or someone else doing the same eventually. I can’t give you a set date or time:P It could be a year.

        But, yeah, I am inspired to do something similar…but with unique books in each panel.

      • writingbolt says:

        You don’t even care to know what the book is about or if you’d even like it? Why is completely crafting a book exciting? So many are doing the same every day, and not every book is enjoyable.

        We will see when I get to the drawings.

      • Codie says:

        I didn’t say it was exciting, but that doesn’t take away from it being a great undertaking. Although a lot of people are doing it doesn’t make it any less great or unimpressive, to me. It’s a great accomplishment once completed, even if it is less than enjoyable to read. So, good luck (again) with your projects and I would love to hear about your book if you would share 🙂

      • writingbolt says:

        So, you are excited or happy just to hear someone take on a project.

        Isn’t there a difference in the measure of excitement depending upon certain aspects of the potential project? Say the size of the book or how many pictures go into the book (a requirement of an artist as well as a writer)? Or what if the book is just pictures and no brilliant text or just a compilation of news clippings and no original material?

        So, you would cheer for a waste of paper and shelf space that would end up in a bargain bin or used for guinea pig cage filler? 😛

        If you want to keep up/in touch with me and my work, just drop a note in my Contact box.

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