Romance vs. Erotica

Surprisingly, many people fail to comprehend the difference between erotica and romance. Although the two genres are similar, because sex and love go hand-in-hand, they are extremely different in writing style and overall theme. So, in the spirit of celebrating differences (I don’t know if anyone is celebrating that, but it sounds good) here’s a general breakdown of each book genre.

Erotica – literature or art intended to arouse sexual desire

It’s a genre meant to stimulate your primal side, the part of your brain that embraces that ancient dance. Most erotic novels are relatively short, and showcases it’s sex scenes as the main attraction. It’ll generally have more sex than romance novels and the scenes are usually long with pretty detailed descriptions.

Romance – a book or movie dealing with love in a sentimental or idealized way

It’s a genre that touches the heart and is meant to attach itself to your feelings and emotions, the romantic in all of us. Romance novels can range in length and in steaminess levels, unlike erotica, which is beneficial for people who enjoy variety. The sex in some romance novels are downplayed, others might simply hint at the act but not go into detail. Unlike erotica, romance has a very broad selection that can satisfy youths and adults alike.

Now, I have to admit overall I’m biased because I’m not particularly fond of erotica, although I have read some very good erotic novels; it’s not really my genre. I’m more into storylines and sometimes authors use sex as a fluff to fill a novel (BTW, not cool), which doesn’t make it enjoyable. In addition, 9 out of 10 times sex scenes are just awkward me to read. Which one do you enjoy?

9 thoughts on “Romance vs. Erotica

  1. Guinevere Thomas says:

    Totally on the fence. I think erotica is often too much, but romance sometimes is not enough. Erotic Romance is also something to consider if you enjoy steam but need plot, story, well thought characters as well. I think erotic romance blends each equally enough to satisfy a little in both.

    3 years ago I’d never read sex in books. My tastes have evolved since then. I think the biggest turn off is unprotected sex. Women have so much to worry about, that a pretty face shouldn’t be convincing us a dude might not have something.

    I know this answer greatly deviates from your opinion but I just thought I’d give my two cents, just to open up a dialogue 🙂

    • phobo55 says:

      Thank you for bringing up two very good points! Erotic Romance is a great option for being who like a steam and story lines.And your second point is like book gospel to me lol. I hate when authors neglect the use of protection it’s foolish and very irresponsible. I actually mentioned this in my review of On the Edge of Love. Thank you so much for the comment, Guinevere.

    • Coco says:

      I’m with you on this. I think many authors have succeeded in blending a good story/plot with sexy time. Like you, up until a couple of years ago I read mostly fade to black sex in romance novels. My tastes have changed and I prefer both now, where the sex isn’t the main focus but it’s not glossed over either. The sex needs to progress the story tho, not be fluff or gratuitous. So in essence I’m still very much Team Romance but a few well placed, sensual (and even romantic) sex scenes can go a long way if done right.

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