Steel Infidels Series (Volume 1 & 2 Steel Infidels Biker MC Romance) by Dez Burke


2.5 out of 5 stars

★ ★ ★/★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Book 1:

Safe House

★ ★/★ ★ ★ ★ ★

After receiving the news that his best friend has been murdered by a rival MC, Flint Mason, the prodigal son of the Motorcycle Club Steel Infidels, returns to the club to exact revenge. Kendra Shaw is a veterinarian who’s love for animals outweighs caution, so when she receives a mysterious call about an injured eagle she jumps at the opportunity by traveling to a secluded cabin in the mountains. However, instead of finding an eagle, she gets an eyeful of an injured Flint. Flint and Kendra are forced together in a tense situation where neither wants to be.

What they soon discover hidden behind their differences is a fiery passion that ignites and bursts into flames. Can they overcome their obstacles and fight for their love or will the grim reality of life in the MC destroy their chances forever?


My expectations for this novella was awfully high, having recently gotten off of my SOA high and the cover being so magnetic – but sadly my expectations were extinguished after we’re introduced to Kendra. Her character is extremely preposterous and utterly unlikeable in my opinion, however I had faith that as the novel progressed my dislike would be reversed and turn into admiration or, at the very least, a tolerance but the length of this novella prevented that. My reasons for not liking Kendra stemmed from her behavior and actions, but this could have been forgiven…if she wasn’t a freaking doctor! But according to Kendra, “I’m a vet, not a doctor!”  (WTF I know a few veterinarians and they all refer to themselves as doctors, well to people they don’t know) so that kind of sums up her stupidity, along with her having sex with a man she barley knows in a notorious motor cycle gang.

Which then leads me to Flint’s character – who I cannot take seriously after watching Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs – who is this successful lawyer who drops everything to rejoin his legendary life of crime as a Steel Infidels. Perhaps it’s me not understanding the gravitational pull to the streets, or in this case the road, that prevents me from fully grasping the magnitude  of his decisions. I mean he goes from being an outlaw, to the law, and then turns back to being an outlaw again; it could be me but that just seems so unstable and, therefore, makes an incomplete character when that wasn’t the intention. And then we have another story about lust at first sight that magically turns into love overnight, storyline that I’m fed up with reading. That being said, Flint’s still totally smoking hot and sexy in every way.

Finally we arrive at the root of the issue with this novella, which is…drum roll…it’s entirely too short. This novella comes to its cliff-hanger conclusion much to speedily for us because just as the ice cream cake is about to be sliced the knife just gets stuck (I’m sorry, that was just awful and the guilty party is: my sugar crazed mind). So to say this basically would be to say there wasn’t enough time for character development, therefore, once again, I’ve been burned by book longevity but since there’s a second book it gives me hope (FYI: hope = dangerous emotion for book readers)


Book 2:


★ ★ ★/★ ★ ★ ★ ★

With there location compromised, Kendra and Flint are forced to flee the safe house with the danger of Liberators trailing them. However, the threat isn’t neutralized and soon they find themselves in a perilous situation that forces Kendra to make a life changing decision. 


This story was definitely superior to the first novella in both storyline and progression.

So, book two kicks off directly where book one ended and it’s an action packed “scene” that I imagine could rival a Mission Impossible movie, with Flint and Kendra fighting for their lives against the Liberators. In this battle of MC’s we’re rewarded to read a rather entertaining fighting sequence, that puts Kendra – the veterinarian – directly into the line of Liberator fire. So instead of being smart and removing herself from the situation with as much adroitness (although I don’t know how much she’d have) she decides to start shooting back…at a rival gang…with a shotgun…while being stuck on mountain…

But somehow I was able to surpass that and continue with my reading and find out that she’d killed a man and didn’t feel bad about it because they were bad people.

*Applies Brakes*

Now, I know that there are some truly horrific people in the world that have done unimaginable wrongs and are clearly hellhound, but any normal human being would still have more emotion towards killing a man than that. The novel literally reads,  “Kendra made the conscious decision right then to put it out of her mind and get the hell over it. She didn’t have time for regrets. She always did what needed to be done, and this time was no different than any other.  She took a deep breath. Whatever happened, there would be no regrets.” Ummmmm. I just couldn’t get over this for remainder of reading Liberated. Perhaps if Kendra would’ve been a former assassin, or at least apart of a MC I might have been able to let this slide, but Kendra being a doctor that’s never done anything spontaneous or even knew how to shoot a gun, but that’s not the case in this story.

One thing that improved was that the story wasn’t a true erotica like the first one, this installment had much more depth, which was needed in order to receive those 3 stars. So, now Flint and Kendra are dating and they’re all cute and cuddly but Flint, of course, has to break it off with Kendra because this life is too dangerous for her, blah blah blah – the usual. But this really wasn’t a conflict because it literally lasted for two pages and then kaboom, threat neutralized. Ugh there isn’t anything really interesting about the rest of the story, so I just don’t feel the need to keep explaining it because there’s nothing to tell.


Overall, this was a disappointing series to read although the MC theme is something I’d like to see more of in the IR genre. With unreasonable actions of characters and an irrational amount of pages to accompany it, these stories are a relaxed read with nothing truly remarkable about them. However, check them out for yourself in the two-in-one below:


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