Metal Love Songs by Shiree McCarver


Metal Love Songs take you on the journey into a woman’s sexual awaking in the arms of the up and coming Dymond’s front man, Chay Kim, and the already iconic musical genius, Craven Summers.

Emotional betrayal and lost love drives Freedom Rose into becoming the first African American woman to front FreeFall, one of today’s most prolific Symphonic Metal bands.

Freedom, Chay, and Craven have all the trappings that success and money can buy except the lost love they can’t forget. It takes an unforeseen accident to bring them full circle to where they began.


*Warning: This review will not be like my others, since this is a New Adult novel, I will have adultish comments about it. For once I’m acting my age :d*

I thought this review would be befitting of Valentine’s Day. Personally I hate it, not because I’m bitter, just because I’m not s very affectionate person and I don’t like chocolate or killing flowers for my own amusement. Anyway, this book has love isn’t the title soooo…

I read this book a long time ago – it’s been sitting in my draft section for months – so please bare with me as I complete this short review.

The best thing about this novel wasn’t the romance, the crazy sex scenes, the colorful ménage à trois, or the characters per say – it was the diversity and the not so stereotypical acts of our characters. This novel wasn’t afraid to be real and different, which I enjoyed, but beyond that I can’t give it any real praise.

The main problem I had with this novel was the length. This book was waaaay too long and lacking the necessary action or importance to fulfill the amount of pages presented. The first half of the book was wonderful – Freedom is this awesome chick with a powerful voice and an awesome attitude, which I appreciate in a Black female lead. Craven is sexy and dirty in the best possible way, he’s a real man and is also a musician (we don’t meet him until later in the novel). Chay is confused and literally all-over the place, but he grows on you – also a musician.

Try to follow me:

Freedom is black —-> heterosexual

Craven is white —-> bisexual

Chay is Asian —-> has this whole, he’s only gay for Craven thing happening

They’re all involved with each other in a ménage à trois.

Does that make sense? Well, it got confusing for me too. But the breaking of stereotypes was awesome.

Freedom being the lead singer in a heavy metal band, along with Chay is ★

I actually enjoy ménage à trois. It’s one of the only times I enjoy erotica. But I don’t like BDSM, and this novel includes A LOT of that. I mean some very kinky shiitake that I pretty much skipped over, along with a lot of the other sex scenes…the dilemma was that that was about 50% of the book. The other 50% can be split between unnecessary filler at 15% and actual plot contribution 35%. This would have been a solid story if it weren’t for all the sex and stupid nonsense that added nothing to it.

This book was free with 500+ pages when I got it, so ★

I did like the story, it was great, but missing too much and adding too much – if that makes sense.

It did have that whole Their Eyes Were Watching God feel with the sexual awakening of Freedom, however the eloquent perfection of Zora Neale Hurston’s novel remains unsurpassed.

Here’s the picture I had for the book – back when I was still doing that.


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