The Fight Within by Tiana Laveen

The Fight Within

4 ½ out of 5

★ ★ ★ ★/★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Sean is a hardworking, garbage man just trying to make ends meet. Treasure is a divorced-single mom, who has her own successful interior designer company. Both broken and hurt looking for a mend. When their lives collide and love is the healing elixir that makes them whole, makes them strong, and allows the mask to fall away. 


There were many things I loved about this novel, however these are my TOP 7:

  1. Sean and Treasure’s relationship was amazballs! I literally loved their love. It was serious and fun without being sneakily creepy, which tends to occur in certain love stories with that whole “I’d kill you and me before I let you go!” that seems to involuntary come off in love stories with alpha males.
  1. The lack of any real conflict between the couple. I abhor unnecessary drama that would befit a soap opera instead of a realistic scenario. This pleased me extremely because I didn’t have to have that *Bitch Please* eye roll. No, this was basically about soul-searching and mending hearts this included the kids too (and yes, Jackson). No ex’s making a comeback or misinterpreted messages or phone calls, no displays of jealousy that leads to a jail sentence…just good, old-fashioned love.
  1. I have a serious thing for fighters. Ever since I started watching MMA they’ve just been by biggest weakness and my greatest pleasure (maybe before or after ginger’s), so Sean being a fighter made me very happy and excited:
  2. The professions of both character’s were very different and the realness. The characters were so real! I mean Treasure being cheated on, divorced and having two kids and Sean being a trash man and working his way up to the top really made me love them.
  3.  They waited to have sex. I cannot stress how much I hate sex that happens like two seconds after they meet. There is no real relationship built just BOOM!                                                                                                                                                                        
  4. There was no resolution between Treasure and her mom and for me that’s real.
  5. The fact that Sean and Treasure were friends first (without their knowledge) and were still connected after everything that occurred.


So, overall I freaking loved it! However, there were some iffy moments for me, these are my TOP 3:

  1. Sean was funny but sometimes I questioned his intelligence.
  2. The sex “noises” were freaking hilarious and sometimes less is more.
  3. The amount of times “shit” was used in this novel baffled me. I mean damn there are other swear words (see I used one just then)


My Reaction:

My opinion is that you should definitely check it out because you won’t be disappointed.


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