April Mania Haul

April Mania Haul is all of the books I purchased in April, not including the dreaded e-book. But this month I didn’t want to go too YA Fiction, I wanted to mix in some African American Fiction, Classics, Mystery, Fantasy,  IR Romance/Mystery, and some Paranormal fiction. Which basically shows I brought books at random, because those genres have nothing to do with each other. However, I did fantastic when it comes to my monthly book budget that I, regretfully, never usually follow. The titles I got were:

I got some of the titles from my local book store, Black Sheep Books in Jacksonville, Fl, and the others I got from Amazon. As you can see I got 24 books for $62.40(!) and yes, I know, 62 bucks is the same price as certain people’s water bill, but I just couldn’t resist the temptation of a guaranteed odyssey; plus paying $62+ dollars is a lot cheaper than a time machine (which does not currently exist, sorry Doc) and a ticket to Gatlin or Dorset.

All Books are not represented

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