The Cold Blue Blood (A Berger and Mitry Mystery ) by David Handler



4 ½ out of 5 Stars

★★★★ / ★★★★★ 

Mitch is a widower with an obsession with sweet foods and old films, but being a movie critic what else is he supposed to do (?). Knowing Mitch is battling depression Lacy, his boss, sends him to an historic rich version of Pleasantville, or is it more Hot Fuzz? While he’s in Dorset he meets Des, a black female lieutenant in an all-white male monopoly service with a love for art, after a couple of murders in the little quiet island Big Sister. As the victims list grows so does the suspect list and a couple of attempted murders, and the question remains who can you trust who can’t you?

Pros :
o Handler’s Characters – The characters in this novel where very unique and likable. Mitch was not a sexy guy with the physique of a Greek god, he was real and just your average Joe. His personality was becoming and he was easy to like with his sadness, but also with his progression to become happy again. Des was a wonderful character with a quirky sense of humor, and a boatload of closed off feelings that women feel like they cannot express when in a position such as hers; also her obsession with cat’s was very funny also. The people in the town were very believable, and unlikable…in a good way.

o The murders – Although that may sound peculiar, the murders where very real (well as real as I get from TV shows) and the suspects where really tricky. I didn’t know who did it until a good portion of the way through the book.

o Careers – I haven’t read many books with the professions of these characters, so that was pretty cool.

o Progression – For me this novel never had a dull moment, it was loaded with soft mystery and interesting plot development.

Cons :
o Grammar – I’m not going to lie and say that I’m a grammar queen, I mess up all the time, but those who do care should know it probably won’t make it to editor heaven.

o I felt like the ending was a tad bit rushed.
My Reaction:

Overall The Cold Blue Blood is a splendid novel with remarkable characters, and writing that keeps you entertained until the end.
Buy it: The Cold Blue Blood by David Handler 

4 thoughts on “The Cold Blue Blood (A Berger and Mitry Mystery ) by David Handler

  1. lewis cave says:

    This sounds good, I do get a bit distracted by grammar though. I shouldn’t because I make all sorts of mistakes. I guess I’m funny like that. Maybe I’ll try it out. Thanks for the review.

    • phobo55 says:

      Me too! I only seem to recognize the errors when other people write, but you should definitely check it out. It’s worth a read.

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