The Missing (FBI Physics #1) by Shiloh Walker



The Missing (FBI Physics, #1) by Shiloh Walker

3 stars ★★★ (out of 5)

Taige was born with a gift that allows her to help children that are going to be, or have been kidnapped. She lives with her uncle, Leon who hates the ground she walks on and thinks she’s a demon spawn. But sadly Taige is no stranger to feeling out of place being biracial and living in Alabama (Or was it Florida?), or at least this was true until she meets Cullen. Cullen saves Taige from getting raped one night and from that day on they’re together…until Cullen’s mother gets brutally murdered and he blames Taige. So, twelve years later Cullen needs Taige’s help to find his daughter has been abducted.

My reaction to the book:


This novel had so much potential! It just makes me sad that a novel with a good plot, storyline, and characters, turn out to have such a mediocre execution. Perhaps the story needed to be longer, and less focused on Taige’s love for Cullen and more about the mystery aspect of the novel. I really don’t know, but I’m very disappointed.  


☺ Taige is an interesting character that has a strong personality which is easy to love.
☺ The plot is very intoxicating, and different from other novels I have read.
☺ Another thing that was good about the novel was the beginning relationship off Cullen and Taige.

☹ I figured out who the killer was on page 174, and there are 300+ pages
☹ The entire novel seemed rushed and distorted in some places.
☹ Not enough was explained about Taige’s gifts, the dreams, why the hell Rose never really helped Taige.
☹ Cullen was an ass…end of story.


I cannot honestly say there was anything remarkable about this novel, it was really just blah. I had high hopes for it though, it had a different plot and theme but it didn’t do it for me. It wasn’t a true mystery because the villain was so obvious, but it wasn’t really a romance, or was it? I have no true feelings toward this novel. Was it great: no. Was it bad: no. It was just okay.

Buy:  The Missing by Shiloh Walker, Book 1

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